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Medical surveillance
Domain: Health and safety at work => Preventive measures
Grammatical category
Noun phrase
Grammar notes
A type of health surveillance conducted by, or under the supervision of, an appointed doctor to assess the state of health of an employee who has been, is, or is liable to be, exposed to work-related health hazards. It includes, where appropriate, pre-assignment and periodical medical examinations, medical examinations upon resumption of work after a prolonged absence for health reasons, and upon and after termination of work involving exposure to work-related health hazards. It may include biological monitoring, clinical assessment and measurements of physiological (e.g. lung function testing) and psychological effects of exposure to work-related health hazards that may show as changes or alterations in body function.
Definition source
Jones 2003, adapted from: the Control of substances hazardous to health Regulations 2002 – Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, L5, HSE Books, 2002; the Control of lead at work Regulations 2002 – Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, L132, HSE Books, 2002; and ILO Code of Practice – Safety in the use of chemicals at work, 1993
European legislation
Directive 89/391/EEC
British legislation
Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999; The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1994
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