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Domain: Health and safety at work => Preventive measures => Personal protective equipment
Grammatical category
Grammar notes
Safety spectacles are eye protectors similar in appearance to prescription spectacles, but they may incorporate optional sideshields to give side protection to the eyes. To protect against impact, the lenses are made from tough optical quality plastic such as polycarbonate. Safety spectacles are generally light in weight and are available in several styles with either plastic or metal frames. Most manufacturers offer a range of prescription safety spectacles which are individually matched to the wearer.
Definition source
University of Manchester "University Health and Safety policies and Guidance notes - Specific Safety Issues"
European legislation
Directives 89/656/EEC, 89/686/EEC
British legislation
The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992; The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002
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Concept diagram
Image source
BGR 192 "Benutzung von Augen- und Gesichtsschutz "