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Concept System: Summary Map
Concept diagrams are charts showing the attribute and the value of concepts within the law systems analysed as well as the relationships between them.
The following diagram provides an overview of the whole concept mapping for the Health and Safety at Work domain. The main domain is divided in different sub-domains used as organizing principle for the concept diagrams. Each concept map is named after the main conceptual area analysed.
For information about the theory and the methodology used to create concept maps refer to the section The project.
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3.3 Risk assessment 3.4 Personal protective equipment 3.5 Safety sign 1.1 Employer 1.2 Health and safety committee 6.3 Agents 2.2 Construction  sites 3.2 Health  surveillance 6.2 Category of danger 6.1 Chemicals 5.1 CE Marking 4.1 Occupational diseases 3.1 First-aid 2.1 Work-station